Band Profile

Name:  Richard Cox

Age: 52

Instrument:  Lead/Rhythm Guitar, Lead Vocals and Backing Vocals

Musical History:

I started playing guitar when I was 10 years old, and i'm still learning!

Although always an amateur singer I have been fortunate enough to sing with the world renound Tessa Niles, she went on to work with Eric Clapton, Bowie and Robbie Williams etc.  I met David Holloway many years ago and started gigging in local bars and clubs, we formed Taller than Jane in 2011 and have been gigging up to the present day.

Musical influences:

  • Rolling Stones

  • Eric Clapton

  • Jim Hendrix

  • The Eagles

  • The Commitments

  • AC/DC

Name: Peter Lancaster 


Age: 45

Musical History: 

My first band was when I was at university in 1987. I played bass, although I was a guitarist at the time.

I own and run Airtight Studios in Chichester. I have been a professional sound engineer since 2002. 

Name:  David Holloway

Age:  48

Instrument:  Lead/Rhythm Guitar and Backing Vocals

Musical History:

I started playing the guitar at the age of 16 and was in several local bands.  After 10 years, I was invited to play in two professional bands; Summer Lightening and Public Limited Company, which I did so for several years, touring all over the UK.  Our biggest audience was over 5,000.  

Throughout the years I also played in several Jazz bands locally and have now been playing with Taller Than Jane for 2 years.

Musical Influences:

  • AC/DC

  • The Eagles

  • Robert Kray

Name:  Zoltan Tremell

Age:  40 something

Instrument:  Keyboards/Piano and Backing Vocals

Musical History:

I started my musical career as a child being classically trained and heavily influenced by my Mother who was a professional classical Pianist.  My influences are mainly Jazz and Classical and I have been in many bands over the years, playing at dozens of venues and gigging in clubs, bars and pubs.  

I have been playing with Taller Than Jane for 2 years and have thoroughly enjoyed what we have achieved so far - long may it continue!

Musical Influences:


  • Duke Ellington

  • Dave Brubeck

  • Mozart/Bach

  • Ray Charles

  • Elton John

  • Queen

  • Earth, Wind and Fire

Name: Carl Sigward


Age:  42


Instrument:  Drums and Percussion



I started out with my drumming around the age of 7 or 8 hitting anything from pots and pans, biscuit tins with pencils etc. I think my parents must of realised i was going to be a drummer and bought me my first snare drum and splash cymbal. It wasn't long before i received my first drum kit for a Christmas present, a lovely vintage blue sparkle Premier kit, which i wish i still owned! I spent most of my teen years playing along to my favorite drummers in my bedroom at home, including influences such as Stewart Copeland, Gene Krupa, Phil Gould, Cozy Powell, Neil Peart and Steve White. I co founded my first cover band in 1990 with some local musicians playing many gigs up and down the country. During this time i collaberated with another group of musicians in the Surrey area thus forming a Blues Band fronted by Dennis Baker, a relation of the great drummer Ginger Baker,  plenty of gigs followed including a U.K University Tour and London Gigs including a support slot for Bad Manners. I joined the Matt Argyle Band in 2002 where i met Peter Lancaster, playing a mix of covers and original material. For the past few years i have been a member of  Quo-Caine a Status Quo tribute band playing gigs nation wide including a headlining performance at a Beer Festival in Germany in 2010. Playing such a varied mix of music with the quality of musicianship in TTJ, gives me the opportunity to play most of the styles that i have learned over the years. And is also great fun! 


Name: Jules Burnand


Age: ?


Instrument: Lead/Backing vocals


Musical History:


I have recently joined TTJ to compliment the vocals and of course, add tambourine and shaker!


I have been singing from a young age, with a predominantly musical theatre background. From the age of 18 I have sung with a local function band ‘Dynamo 5’, in all sorts of venues for different occasions and I particularly enjoy the wedding gigs. My musical inspiration mostly comes from Motown and a love of the 80s!


Musical influences:

Eva Cassidy

Aretha Franklin

Etta James

Beverley Knight

Dusty Springfield

Name: Hannah Ashdown


Age: ?


Instrument: Lead/Backing vocals


Musical History:

I  have a very strong musical theater background, my arm and hand gestures are known around the Sussex area as some of the best in the business.



"Taller Than Jane​"

A fun and lively band for any occasion